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Travel Tips – What to Consider When Selecting a Hotel / Motel

When you’re choosing hotel or motel accommodation, you will definitely be faced with a wide array of options to choose from. Filtering through such choices to select the hotel that suits not only you but also your travel companions’ needs can be a difficult and overwhelming task. Researching prior to booking is what makes all the difference to how you are going to enjoy your stay. We just went through this process recently when traveling in Central Qld, the place we chose was Bottle Tree Gardens Motel Roma. The following includes some of the important things to consider when you are choosing a suitable hotel/motel for your short or long trips:

motel accommodationLocation

This is one of the most essential factors. If it’s for a holiday, for instance, then proximity to fun parks, restaurants, beaches and tourist attractions will definitely play a vital role when it comes to making a decision. On the other hand, if, the trip is for business purposes only, then being near to a town center might be more important. Proximity to sporting facilities, shopping centers or even medical services might also be considered.


wifiHotel amenities are also an important factor to consider. If you’re booking a family vacation with kids, then a hotel that has a kid’s club and swimming pool will definitely be the on the top of your list. Furthermore, a hotel providing Wi Fi and a wide array of secretarial and business services will actually be more suitable if you’re travelling for business purposes. If you cannot leave your puppy at home, then pet-friendly accommodation facilities will be important. Non-smokers might request certain rooms, if available.


It usually goes without being said that your money’s value is definitely an important factor when selecting a hotel room. Think about value adding extras, for instance extended room service hours and laundry services that might improve your stay. Also, it may be worthwhile searching for hotel packages and deals, or simply asking for some discounted rates. Most hotels usually consider price matching so as to lure you away from their competitors, so you should not be scared when asking a better rate.


Reviews are also a valuable tool when it comes to choosing where to stay. Many people like to share their experiences after returning from a vacation, whether they’re positive or negative. Hotel reviews, travel forums and also social media platforms are ideal places to check out what different travelers are recommending (or not). A popular site to check out is www.tripadvisor.com.au. A huge list of negative reviews is sometimes a clear indication that a certain hotel is not performing as required. However, it is important to note that you should read these reviews with an impartial mind, since many people could be posting malicious content or writing reviews that are not entirely true.


If you are arriving by your own car at the hotel, then you are going to require some place to park it. Things to note here are if the hotel is offering parking, the amount you will be charged for that parking as well as the security of the parking lot.

Finally here’s a video with tips for traveling and flying to Australia. Enjoy!


Emergency Locksmiths: Make sure you get a good one

Supposing you arrive at home late only to realize that you do not have your keys. Consider a scenario where is no way of getting to your house!  In another scenario, your key may just snap into the lock and you are unable to access the premises. Another case could be when your car’s key gets lost out in the woods and you are left stranded. In such scenarios, it calls for fast thinking. The skills and experience of an emergency locksmith is all that you want.

It is good to look for a reputable locksmith. emergency locksmith melbourneMost of the times the emergency locksmith will ask you to identify who you are. For your house, the relevant identification documents like an ID or passport should be provided as for the car; you should have your driving license. Woe unto you if you got it locked in the vehicle. In this case, you will have to provide any alternative identification. To get into your house, a police officer may be required to be present, to ensure that it is not a break in.

The person who comes to help you out should come with the relevant identification. If not, ask them for one. Your personal protection is paramount so you shouldn’t trifle with it. You should request for confidentiality of the information that is gathered at your place. Information about your key imprints, codes can cause some problems in the future if the locksmith is not reputable.

Watch out for the companies that ask for cash only. A good 24 hour service will always have the ability of accessing the credit card.  It should not have any qualms about the transaction history getting tracked. Some people might be buglers trying to impersonate reputable locksmiths. Even if you do not have emergency response, you can still get a good 24 hour service near you. Go for the one with the best reputation in the area. You can start by first asking the neighbors, workmates and friends for recommendations. You can also check with the local Business Bureau. Keep the business cards just in case you will need them.

You should let them know that they are to be called in case you have an emergency. Find out how they can help you if you are caught up in any sort of emergency.  Inform them of the locks that you use so that they may know the type at your home. You will also need to find out what kind of identification documents they will require. You can copy these documents and stash them safely in your wallet.

Find out all the options that you have in case of an emergency. If you unfortunately are in a situation where you may need a locksmith, it is safer to work with a firm that you are already familiar with. Always have someone else around when the locksmith shows up. You should never shy up from getting help for good neighbors would never mind. If you are in Melbourne like me a good locksmith Melbourne that I can recommend is ‘API Locksmiths’.

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